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A brief update on Languages

December 14th, 2012 Jeremy Jeremy

Now that Languages has been out for a bit I thought I would post a brief update.

Editors Choice

The launch was, in a word, unbelievable. Apple chose our little app as Editors Choice — the best possible feature — in many countries, and New & Noteworthy in most others.


We finally accomplished my lifetime goal of beating Angry Birds in the top-charts (if only for a time!) The app peaked as the #1 app in the entire App Store in some countries like France, and #5 overall in the US.

For a tiny company like ours, that is a pretty ridiculous feeling.

Sales? We’re not talking about sales publicly but I can tell you that sales in the top ten are quite nice and we are happy about where we have settled down after the initial buzz ended. Indies can definitely thrive on the App Store and this whole experience has given me a ton of hope for the future.

We definitely have big plans for Languages and also have a bunch of other apps in the pipeline. As always, I look forward to sharing everything we are learning along the way. I am currently writing a lengthy case study on Languages for Smashing Magazine so you can look forward to more details soon.

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