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Big things

June 4th, 2010 Jeremy Jeremy

So summer is here and I’ve been insanely busy. I’ve been a bit quiet lately so thought ya’ll deserve and update about what I’ve been doing.


Grades 2! A bunch of new features and a new business model, which I’ll talk about later.

Grades marketing. my brother, Josh, and I have been planning a marketing strategy for the Summer to go along with the Grades 2 launch. You’ll be hearing more from him as he gets more involved. I think we have some pretty good ideas for turning Grades into a long-term profit machine.

By the way, that post about the Grades launch is still coming. I’ve been swamped but will begin to have more time for stuff like that (see “Skookum” below).

Screen shot 2010-06-04 at 11.18.23 AM

App Savvy

This is really exciting. I’ve had the privilege to be interviewed in Ken Yarmosh’s upcoming book about building successful iPhone apps. It’s called App Savvy: Turning Ideas into iPhone and iPad Apps Customers Really Want.

We’ve enjoyed working together so much that I’m going to go ahead and become a technical reviewer for the book. There’s not really anything technical to review but I’ll be helping him with the ideas and thought process of the book.

Let me tell you, this book is chocked full of great interviews and insightful advice for anybody looking to build successful iPhone apps. For a reduced price of $20, you would be nuts not to pre-order it (and no, I’m not getting a cut – it’s really good).



Those who follow me on Twitter may have noticed I have been retweeting @skookumlabs a lot. Here’s a little secret: that’s because @skookumlabs is me. Skookum, an innovative development firm in Charlotte (and my employer for the past year), is giving me the opportunity to spend more of my time blogging and tweeting about the stuff I learn!

Basically, I’ll be heading up Skookum’s marketing efforts. Part of that includes doing more of what I’ve been doing with Tapity, which means I’ll have more time to talk about everything I learn about building successful iPhone apps.

I’ll also be helping Skookum market their brand and their first product, Teaching Target. I’ll be doing this by helping Skookum build a culture of inside-out development and sharing. Everybody loves a good story so my primary strategy is to turn the development of our first product into a fun story, filled with insights about building and marketing great software. We’ve already published the first few chapters of this story and it is already drawing a good deal of attention: check it out on the Skookum Blog (and be sure to subscribe).

I’ll write another post soon about how my relationship with Skookum will effect Tapity but I think this is good for now. Back to work! Would appreciate your thoughts.

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