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Thursday, September 5th, 2013


Matthew Panzarino, one of my all time favorite tech journalists, recently became Senior Editor at TechCrunch and, as expected, has been pushing out some really great stuff.

I was quite honored to be interviewed for a great piece he just pushed: From Jailbreaks to App Store Awards, Developers Grow Up iPhone

And I’m in great company featured next to Ari Weinstein and Ryan Orbuch, who I interviewed a while back.

So the inevitable question is, how do you get Crunched? Pretty simple:

  • Do great work – work that goes above and beyond.
  • Embed yourself in the community – engage other app makers and journalists on Twitter and at conferences, not with a pitch but with stuff that adds value to them, not you. Be patient, this stuff takes time.
  • Provide thoughtful answers: this sounds like common sense but sometimes when you talk to a journalist you get so excited that you end up just sending generic, common-knowledge, or unquotable answers. When being interviewed, think about what would help make an interesting story.

Unrelated, a quick update on Grades. We were planning to launch this week but we’ve been having some issues with the app approval process and iTunes Connect downtime, forcing us to launch next week. Whether next weeks September 10th buzz will drown it out or carry it, I don’t know but I guess we will find out!

How we marketed Languages into the top 10

Friday, July 12th, 2013


Smashing Magazine just published part 2 of my Languages case study: Tale of a Top-10 App, Part 2: Marketing & Launch

If you missed part 1: Tale of a Top-10 App, Part 1: Idea & Design

And if you are looking for more in-depth stuff on app making, I’ll be announcing some cool stuff soon on our mailing list.

Video: The Elements of a Killer App Idea

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 6.14.12 PM
Wow, my last article was quite a wild ride. It went something like this:


I was quite happy to see it being linked up by lots of nice sites… then it hit #5 on Hacker News, went viral, and absolutely obliterated my servers for 3 hours. My Host Gator Baby plan wasn’t prepared for 30,000 people rushing to the site in a short period of time. I’ve got that on my to-do list.

(Oh and I’m pretty sure the only reason my last article went viral was because of this… Thus, the use of another GIF here. I’m sorry.)

It also made me realize I should probably post a little more to the blog.

So without further ado, I thought I would post a talk I gave at MMConf in Krakow, Poland. I hadn’t seen too many people talking about what exactly makes up a great app idea so I thought I would tackle that in this talk.

The key? You Duh Interface Money Vacuum. To decode that sentence, you’ll need to watch the video. Enjoy!

Jeremy Olson – The Elements of a Killer App Idea – Mobile Mobile Conf 2013 from MMConf on Vimeo.

If you enjoyed the video, please feel free to share it… but even more, make sure to get on our mailing list because pretty soon I’ll be announcing some full-blown online courses where you’ll hear not only from me but the best app makers in the industry about how to build successful apps.

And I’ve made it ever so convenient to sign up…

Smashing Magazine Book

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 10.48.21 AM

I’m floored to announce that my article, How to Succeed with your Mobile App, has been published in Smashing Magazine’s latest eBook, Designing Mobile Apps — Tips and Techniques. The book is packed full of good stuff so be sure to check it out.

Along those lines, I’ve been working on a pretty massive Languages case study over the past few months. It will probably manifest itself as a two part series on Smashing Magazine pretty soon.

Finally, two super awesome articles came out this week:

What advice would I have given my beginner-self?

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

I was recently asked that question by a cool guy named Tope. He recently asked the same question to 13 top app makers and compiled their responses in one super awesome post: 13 Things You Must Know When Starting Out in iOS/Mac Development

Here’s my part:

Don’t neglect the idea. We’ve all heard that the idea for an app doesn’t matter; it’s all about execution. I used to firmly believe that but then something happened. My second app, Languages, made more money in one day then my first app made in two years. What on earth? They both were well executed. Grades even won an Apple Design Award. They both were well marketed, being featured by Apple and the press. What was the difference?

The idea.

Grades was always limited by the small niche it served – college students who really care about their grades (a smaller niche than we would hope). Languages was much more universal. Almost anyone might be interested in a translation app that works without an internet connection. Don’t get me wrong, as this chart illustrates, niche apps can definitely make a lot of money but they have to be in niches that care so much about the app that they will pay a premium for it. Most apps, unfortunately, make the mistake of targeting a niche that would only pay 99 cents for their app, resulting in a disappointing business equation.

Of course, I would have told my former self quite a lot more than that but that lesson was a biggie. A few other highlights:

Give back. The fastest way to learn is by openly sharing and discussing

-Marc Edwards

For this to be an enjoyable living you need the enjoy the process and people involved.

-David Smith

Be sure to check out the full article. It’s chocked full of goodness.

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