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Tapity is a tiny Apple Design Award winning company that has built some of the most popular apps on the App Store. We are obsessed with building beautiful, polished, and innovative apps that make a little dent in the universe.

  • App Strategy: we help you define an app that will solve real problems and succeed in the App Store market. $2000-$10,000.
  • App Design: all our apps have been featured heavily by Apple and critically acclaimed in the press. Why? We design apps that solve real problems in fun and innovative ways. $5000-$40,000.
  • Icon Design: the icon is your first chance to make an impression. Let us help you make it a good one. $500-$2000
  • Web design and marketing consulting: We know how to generate buzz and market apps into the top ten. We’ve done it. $1000-$3000 / hourly / success based fees.
  • Interactive digital book training and consulting: having built a top-selling, highly acclaimed interactive iBook, we would like to help publishers explore the future of publishing. See our Education, Publishing, and Technology blog >>
  • Sample Work

    Our apps are world renown for their beauty and innovation. Grades 2 won the coveted Apple Design Award in 2011 and Apple chose our newest app Languages as the Editors Choice in over a hundred countries. Our client apps like Clutch have been featured nationally in publications like Forbes and 9to5Mac.


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