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September 5th, 2013 Jeremy Jeremy


Matthew Panzarino, one of my all time favorite tech journalists, recently became Senior Editor at TechCrunch and, as expected, has been pushing out some really great stuff.

I was quite honored to be interviewed for a great piece he just pushed: From Jailbreaks to App Store Awards, Developers Grow Up iPhone

And I’m in great company featured next to Ari Weinstein and Ryan Orbuch, who I interviewed a while back.

So the inevitable question is, how do you get Crunched? Pretty simple:

  • Do great work – work that goes above and beyond.
  • Embed yourself in the community – engage other app makers and journalists on Twitter and at conferences, not with a pitch but with stuff that adds value to them, not you. Be patient, this stuff takes time.
  • Provide thoughtful answers: this sounds like common sense but sometimes when you talk to a journalist you get so excited that you end up just sending generic, common-knowledge, or unquotable answers. When being interviewed, think about what would help make an interesting story.

Unrelated, a quick update on Grades. We were planning to launch this week but we’ve been having some issues with the app approval process and iTunes Connect downtime, forcing us to launch next week. Whether next weeks September 10th buzz will drown it out or carry it, I don’t know but I guess we will find out!

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