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Freemium for non-games

January 24th, 2013 Jeremy Jeremy

I’m really happy with how much great discussion has happened already on the new App Making Branch community. I’ll highlight my favorite discussions here on the blog but I think I’ll refrain from posting the whole discussion since that can get a little lengthy.

In our second discussion, we’ve been talking about the viability of freemium for non-game apps:

Can the freemium (free + in-app-purchases) model work for non-game apps? I think, for certain apps, it definitely can. I’ve heard good things from David Barnard with his timer app. On a larger scale, I’ve heard iTranslate is doing very well with a subscription model for premium features. I also think apps with very enticing add-ons like Paper or photo editing apps can work well. The question is, what kind of apps does this work best for and what are the trade-offs?

Read the ongoing discussion on Branch →

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