Going full-throttle on Hours

March 25th, 2013 Jeremy Jeremy

Just a quick update. We’ve had to put Hours, our time-tracking app, on the back burner for a bit due to other priorities but I am pleased to announce we are now going full-throttle both on the design and the programming. Would love any input on our latest mockup of the main screen.

Tracking billable hours is a pain. We are going to change that.

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3 Responses to “Going full-throttle on Hours”

  1. Looks great! Glad you guys are moving forward with this. Time-tracking is not only a huge pain, we frequently lose money when our guys forget to log time for adhoc meetings and quick context switches. Those 5-10 minutes here and there really add up.

  2. Christain says:

    Jason, we totally agree! We hope to change that and cannot wait to get this released.

  3. Davey says:

    Simply elegant!