How to Befriend Journalists

January 31st, 2013 Jeremy Jeremy

I’ve been blown away by the tremendous discussions happening on the App Making Branch group. Our latest discussion brought out some of the best PR tips I’ve seen online, all answering the question: how do app makers befriend journalists?

The best part? We’ve heard from some of the top app journalists themselves. A few highlights:

Rene Richtie, Editor at iMore:

1. Make great apps.
2. Be human.

Ellis Hamburger, App Reporter at The Verge:

3. Be brief, be sincere, include screenshots. Screenshots speak louder than words, and they’re your best bet at getting me interested.
4. Ultimately, as sincere and wonderful as you may be, it’s difficult to earn coverage for a subpar app/thing. Don’t be a nag.
5. Even if you miss a couple journalists for one app launch, know that if you do great work, they’ll cover the next update or the next app.
6. Be a nice person along the way. We’re all into the same stuff, just be yourself!

Federico Viticci, Editor at MacStories:

1. Get my name right. I’m called “Federico”; not “Frederico”, “Federicco”, “Frederrico”, or any other weird variation.

2. Build a great app and tell me why it’s great in 2 sentences. If it’s a known concept, tell me why your app is different.

3. Know my tastes. I have over 6k articles on MacStories. You know I’m into iOS automation and that sort of stuff. If you have a URL scheme, **tell me about it**. Show me that you *want* my coverage, and that you’re not sending a copy & paste to everyone.

(he then goes on to list 17 more awesome points so be sure to check his answer out.)

David Barnard, founder of App Cubby:

There are some really cool people in this industry. If all you do is beg for coverage, you’re missing out on getting to know some great folks.

Marc Edwards, founder of Bjango:

• Be part of the community. Where possible, help others (karma, baby).
• Be prepared and take the time to write short, on-point messages. Don’t waste anyone’s time.
• If you expect someone to give you their time and attention, be prepared to give them your time and attention in return, should they ask.

I hope I’ve convinced you that you seriously need to check out the full discussion. There are so many gems to be found.

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Also be sure to go to the App Making group and click the “watch” button to follow the discussions.

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