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Languages: our next product

October 18th, 2011 Josh Olson Josh Olson


"Polly voos Fransay?"

In the spring of 2010 we launched Grades. In the spring of 2011 we launched Grades 2. Now the summer’s over and gone. Autumn is here. And powered by pumpkin pie we’re barreling ahead into our next big thing. It’s called Languages.

sonico-mobile-logo-blogWe’re extremely pleased to be partnering with the awesome guys over at Sonico Mobile. They won fame and fortune creating iTranslate, which has gotten over twenty million downloads and was featured as an all time top 100 app. They’ve also created other cool apps such as iRadio and Music-Quiz.

After the success of Grades 2, Sonico contacted us. They wanted to know if we were interested in helping them bring one of their ideas to life. We were honored and happily obliged. In the coming weeks and months we will reveal more about what the app is and does. Suffices to say it has something to do with language, but is different from iTranslate.

We are currently strategizing, in coordination with Sonico, about what kind of app this will be specifically (personas, use-cases, and all that jazz). Then we will design it, Sonico will build it, and we will both market it together. We will be documenting the process with blog posts and videos, recording our app development process from strategic design through launch. We’ve learned a lot since the last time around and we hope these scribblings will be of interest and maybe even of help to app designers and developers everywhere.

So pull up some pumpkin pie, snag an apple spice latte, throw another log on the fire, and stick around for this new and exciting story.

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