Nugget roundup: In-app purchases for free apps

October 16th, 2009 Jeremy Jeremy

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Yesterday, Apple made what could become the most transformative change in the app store’s short history. Free apps can now implement in-app purchasing.

I was surprised to see how the Apple community responded: nearly everyone likes the idea. As far as I’ve seen, not so much outrage about the “whats free stays free” principle.

Any how, I’ve compiled the nugget worthy reactions and press.

  • Comments on Jeff Lamarche’s blog indicate that you don’t need a server to implement this. Its actually fairly easy if you set it up directly with Apple.
  • Marco Arment coins the convention “free+” for free->paid iPhone apps. Also notes that this really only applies to new apps because existing apps would have to charge their current users again if they were to implement it. I’m sure Apple will quickly address this. Also notes Apple’s policy still prohibits timed trial versions. Go read it, he’s got some worthwhile thoughts.
  • Arnold Kim discusses the downsides of offering a free+ app. Good to get an opposing view point.
  • Solid Q&A on TUAW may answer your questions.
  • UPDATE: Just found Pervasent’s article. It has some info not covered in the other articles so check it out.
  • UPDATE 2: 148 apps recently wrote a thoughtful article on the pros and cons of free+ apps for developers and consumers.
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