We craft successful apps

Tapity is different because we are not an agency at our core—we are design-obsessed app makers. We know how to make our clients successful because we have three #1 apps of our own.

Our clients rock

"It is difficult to overstate the value we have received from Tapity for two different companies we operate. Not only is their work brilliant, timely, and cost effective, but they always shock me with their ability to introduce a new way of thinking about how to make our applications more useful to our customers." — John Espey, Latta Partners

What we do for our clients

Basically, everything needed to dominate.





We are the talk of the town!

(we are kind of a thing)

Apple Design Award winners

Oh no, we’re not done with our #not-so-humblebrag. We are trying to get you to hire us after all, so what did you expect? If you thought all those press logos were cool, check this: every single Tapity app has been prominently featured by Apple. What's more, Grades won an Apple Design Award and Apple named Languages “Best of 2012” for Intuitive Touch.

Our Publications

Online articles

Our apps are everywhere, but we are in Charlotte

So, what do you think?

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