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Announcing App Making Video Course

July 25th, 2014 Jeremy Jeremy

Screenshot 2014-07-25 16.34.04
Making great apps is hard. Making successful apps is even harder. But the opportunity is vast. In how many other industries can a small one or two man team compete with the biggest brands in the world and win?

I am convinced that if we learn from each other, we can not only survive but thrive.

That is why I’m excited to announce something completely new: App Making, the art and business of crafting successful apps. It is a video course taught by myself and nine other top app makers.

We teach ideation, design, and app marketing through video instruction, interviews, exercises, tutorials, and resources. It’s all the stuff I wish I knew getting started. There is also a built in community so you can ask questions and get answers from me and the others taking the course.

Sign up to the Tapity mailing list for a discount when the course comes out:

App Workshop from Tapity on Vimeo.

Paid off

July 23rd, 2014 Jeremy Jeremy

Just wow. The response to Hours blew past all our expectations. Since Hours has experienced some measure of success, I felt like I owed the community an article detailing how we got there.

Check out the post on Medium →

I also just wanted to highlight some of the awesome reviews coming out for Hours.


Forbes: “a perfect little app that is incredibly useful—and a pleasure to use”

9to5Mac: “The world’s easiest way of tracking your time.”

Cult of Mac: “an incredibly well designed, thoughtful time tracking tool for the iPhone”

App Advice: “Hours is beautiful, simple, and powerful. I’m absolutely in love with this stunning app.”

Of course the most rewarding feedback comes from the App Store reviews. After so much hard work, it feels wonderful to hear that Hours is already benefiting our users:

Time tracking is now fun: The most beautiful, easy to use, and helpful time tracking app I have ever used. Worth the money.”

The Perfect Time-tracker: Easy to use with just the tools you need and with all the info you need clearly visible without having to search clicking button after button.”

Powerfully Simple: Does it’s job well and intuitively, without clutter. Excellent app!”

Thoughtfully Designed: Tapity seemingly heard all of my gripes with other time-tracking apps, and elegantly made a tool that avoids the mistakes of others.”

And let me leave you with this Fox Business interview. Gotta love the questions.

Hours is here – get it for 50% off

July 17th, 2014 Jeremy Jeremy

Screen 2

This is surreal. It has been three years since we thought of Hours. Today our baby has finally gone out into the wild and wonderful world of the App Store.

Snag it during the 50% off launch sale: App Store link

Also be sure to check out the snazzy website.

I couldn’t be more proud of the team. Huge thanks to everyone for your support along the way!

If you want to make me really happy, write a review and about it. We’ve never done a premium app so it will be interesting to watch.

The Hours Video & Contest

July 15th, 2014 Jeremy Jeremy

Hours – taking the pain out of time tracking from Tapity on Vimeo.

Click above to open the brand spankin’ new Hours website, wherein lies the video.

My wife Mindy has been working hard on it for a while now. Hope you enjoy it!

The guys have also been working like crazy on the Hours website and I am super happy with how it has turned out. Best site we’ve ever done.

The contest: get Hours now for free!

In three easy steps:

1. a link to (or write a blog post and email me a link to it).

2. We will select fifteen of our favorite posts over the next two days to receive a free copy of Hours before anyone else.

3. There is no step three.

Hold tight… Hours is just around the corner!

Hours – the wait is almost over

July 11th, 2014 Jeremy Jeremy

Screenshot 2014-07-04 15.21.02

What a journey. Three years ago we got so frustrated with time tracking software that we decided to do something about it. Client work got in the way, Languages got in the way, Grades 3 got in the way. Finally after a lot of hard work we had a usable version of Hours… then iOS 7 came. Time to redesign. Iterate. Iterate. Iterate!

We have been using Hours for over a year now, in which time we have realized that we did not pick an easy problem to solve. Time tracking seems like a simple problem, and it would be, if we were all robots. Unfortunately, human factors such as forgetfulness and unknowing errors are a fact of life and those are the problems we decided to embrace.

In the past year we turned a good time tracker into what we think is a great one because we solved our own problem: we finally made a time tracker that we actually use (which is saying A LOT).

Here is a little teaser GIF. More teasing to comes in the days leading up to launch…

I couldn’t be more proud of the team — both the Tapity team and Five Pack Creative, who did most of the programming. The endless debates, the sleepless nights, the painstaking polish… it’s all about to finally start paying off, at least to some degree. But whatever happens on launch day and beyond, we have crafted something we all can be proud of, and that matters.

Hours hits the App Store next week. Subscribe to the Hours newsletter to make sure you snag the app during the 50% off launch sale.

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