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Ryktr – the football app that tells you who is going to win

October 4th, 2014 Jeremy Jeremy

Since we just announced that we are starting to work with companies as their app team, it is only appropriate to show off a really cool project we built for a client that just launched yesterday..

Ryktr answers the most fundamental question in sports: who’s gonna win? They have this crazy algorithm developed by braniac Ph.D people that tells you at any point during the game, what is the probability that team X is going to dominate team Y.

But that’s just the beginning. Ryktr allows the community to vote on who is going to win and you get points for predicting correctly. You can also see who your friends voted for and chat with them throughout the game.

iphone5 2 + 4 game screen photo + Rectangle 3@2x

I was skeptical that we were creating yet another social network but when you start using Ryktr during a game, you get it. Football deserves a custom tailored social experience and that is what we designed.

Ryktr is the first social football experience where you can see who your friends are rooting for and see how fans of each team are reacting to events during the game, all on one screen. If you enjoy football, you should really give it a try for tonight’s games and invite your football buddies to join you.

Check out the Ryktr website and download the app for free from the App Store.

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