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February 12th, 2013 Jeremy Jeremy

I want to write more. My problem is that I generally only write when I am super inspired about something. Since I’m writing a book and doing more articles on sites like Smashing Magazine, I want to learn to make a habit out of writing. I think this blog can help me do that.

So I told Christain to learn web programming and build me a new website. The old website had a lot going on all over the place. I wanted something simple and elegant, super focused on the reading experience.

I think he did a great job. As with all our products, we are all about iteration so feel free to let us know what you like and don’t like. We’re all ears.

While we’re here, thought I would post a little status report on the stuff we are working on:

  • Languages: we’re actively working on the iPad version.
  • Grades: we’re about 70% done with a completely redesigned version of Grades that takes on the class management space, a market that competing apps have proved to be big enough to invest in.
  • Hours: we’re working on a prototype that we can use day-to-day. We think that will really inform the design.
  • TapPress (the book business): Cleaning Mona Lisa did well for an iBook but we want to figure out how to create and market books that bring a bigger return on investment. Once we’ve cracked that nut with our own books, we plan to help authors and publishers do the same.
  • Yes, I am working on a book. More on that later.
  • I’ve been working on building a Branch community where top app makers discuss important topics to help bring the industry forward. It’s been going really well so far.
  • We are still doing some client work. About to jump on a few new projects.
  • We’ve also got some other super secret stuff coming up but that’ll have to wait for now.

Thanks everyone for following along. I look forward to blogging more and sharing what we’re learning along the way.

UPDATE: as of 12:55pm eastern the site doesn’t look great on mobile but we should have that fixed soon.

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