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Startup Plays: How to market an iOS app

January 10th, 2012 Jeremy Jeremy

Woah, way too much me in that picture

Woah, way too much me in that picture

Startup Plays is a really cool concept: break down the information and processes it takes to run a successful startup into actionable “plays”, templates to success in a particular aspect of the business such as getting your company incorporated or pitching a VC.

I was a bit skeptical when Scott Annan first asked if I could help build a play on iOS app marketing but, after looking through a sample play, I found that the format is really unique and valuable. It is essentially a down-to-earth to-do list your team can run through from start to finish with detailed information and expert advice on each step. You can also collaborate with your team by commenting on the different steps and adding additional steps to the play. The plays will really help you hit the ground running and the company has had a tremendous response so far.

Working with Scott was amazing and I think the play turned out really well. The steps in there are based on my experience in marketing my apps and what I’ve seen work in the industry. Some advice will be familiar, some won’t, but it’s really the format that goes beyond what you’ll get on the Tapity blog.

So there you have it, check out Market and Launch your iPhone Application like a Pro, by yours truly. I hope you find it helpful.

Full disclosure: I am definitely getting a very fair cut so you can feel free to take what I say with a grain of salt. We’re in luck, though, since it looks like Macgasm recommended it this morning too.

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