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Thank you, Facebook

April 21st, 2014 Jeremy Jeremy

Why is no one talking about this video?

Not only is it a great summary of the magic behind Facebook’s Paper app but buried half-way into the 1.5 hour video is an incredible announcement: Facebook will soon be open-sourcing POP, the incredible animation framework that Push Pop Press originally developed to build Our Choice, and that Facebook used to build Paper.

I have been waiting for this moment for a long time. Apple’s iOS dynamics framework is great but it is still really complex to accomplish some of the really cool gesture-based dynamic animations that POP makes easy.

In The App Design Handbook, I talk about how animation will play a dominant role in defining the personality of an app now that iOS 7 has de-emphasized heavy visuals. An open source POP will make it so much easier to create that personality.

I, for one, will be refreshing every day until it goes live. They made it sound like it is only days away.


Don’t code? Facebook also announced that they will be integrating POP with the Origami framework they built for Quartz Composer. Origami makes it easy to quickly prototype UI animations in Quartz composer and is available now.

Thanks Facebook, you guys are killing it.

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