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Tutorial: getting started with Pop

April 28th, 2014 Jeremy Jeremy

It is here! I’ve been raving about Pop for a while and today Facebook finally made it available to the public. You owe it to yourself to download Pop and use it to revolutionize the way you think about animation in your app.

Here is an example of how we are using Pop in Hours:

Since I had the privilege of using the Pop beta to create animations for Hours, I feel like I owe it to the community to share a quick tutorial on how to get started with Pop to make a basic animation:

I’ve created a sample project that has detailed comments, as well as a more advanced animation, download the source code here.

If you would like me to make some more tutorials, please share this page.

clicking on ".more" toggles class "visible" on "#popover" clicking on ".pageCover" removes class "visible" on "#popover"