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We are making a Flappy Bird clone

February 10th, 2014 Jeremy Jeremy


We just couldn’t resist. This phenomenon is way too interesting to not be part of it.

Flappy Bird was the #1 free app on the App Store for weeks, getting tens of millions of downloads. Now that the game was taken down by it’s creator, millions of people are wondering how to experience the joy, heartache, and wonder that was Flappy Bird. The App Store Top 10 testifies to that fact. It’s now full of Flappy Bird clones.

The problem? I couldn’t find one clone that I really liked.

So, of course, we are going to make one. In one day. Our team needed a break from the regular stuff any way and this is a great way to have fun and learn some new things in a space we have never played in before: games.

We are live tweeting it so be sure to follow us on Twitter for updates: @tapityapps or @jerols

Wish us luck!

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