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Welcome Christain to the Tapity team!

January 3rd, 2013 Jeremy Jeremy


Note from Jeremy: We are super excited to announce our first full-time hire. Christain Billings (@cbillins) has already been doing awesome work with us part-time as an intern for the past year. He’s a killer UI and icon designer (proven by a lot of the stuff you’ve seen in Languages already) and I’m super pumped to have him working closely with me on a daily basis on our future projects. But instead of rambling on, I’ll let Christain speak for himself.

First off, I am super excited to be joining the Tapity team full-time and cannot wait to show everyone what we have planned! Now, let me bore you with a bit about myself.

I just graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science and a Minor in Graphic Design from UNC Charlotte and boy does it feel great. Originally I wanted to study Architecture, but a turn of events (getting denied into their program) led me to choose a different major. This happened to be around the time I got my first shiny new iPhone 3G and I was a young and naive freshman, so i thought I would try my hand in computer science. I stuck with and it and in my junior year, I enrolled in a fateful database class. This is when everything changed.

I had previously heard what Jeremy had done with Grades through a school email that was sent to all the students prior to taking this database course. After settling in this three hour class of misery, Jeremy and I started talking about apps. We connected more and more throughout the semester as I watched him crank out Grades 2 and continue to help me with my studies. The semester then ended and Jeremy went on to win an Apple Design Award, at which time I started my first week as a mighty intern!

One thing led to another and here I am excited to begin working full force on the many projects we have planned for everyone to enjoy. Thanks for stopping by and listening to my story. I’m sure you will be hearing from me again, but I have to get to back to work!

Take a wild guess at what I’m working on first…


clicking on ".more" toggles class "visible" on "#popover" clicking on ".pageCover" removes class "visible" on "#popover"