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We’re selling two of our apps: Grades and Languages

November 20th, 2015 Jeremy Jeremy


Earlier this week, we publicly announced that Tapity has started looking for interested buyers of our Grades and Languages apps. We’ve recently decided on selling these apps so that we can put full focus on our time tracking app, Hours. Since we’ve been focusing all of our time on Hours, our team here at Tapity has been giving a bit less attention to Grades and Languages than they deserve, so our hopes are that new homes for these apps means the apps keep getting even better and existing users and new users get to enjoy Grades and Languages well into the future. It’s tough letting these apps go, but we know in the right hands, these apps will live on longer and will be able to be enjoyed by even more people.

Grades: is our Apple Design Award-winning app that helps students better achieve their target grades, among other useful things for class. This app has a minimum bid at $30,000, and has earned $45,950 in gross revenue.

Languages: is our completely off-line language translation app, perfect when traveling in areas with expensive or limited internet access. It has a minimum bid at $60,000, and has earned $428,268 in gross revenue.

I discuss about us selling these two apps in even more detail here in the Medium post I published on November 17th: Tapity is looking to sell our Grades and Languages apps – full stats released

If you’re interested in discussing these apps with me, simply email me.


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